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Part-Time CFO

The staff at Orange Counting Bookkeeping has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide expert outsourced CFO services. Having had previous experience as Chief Financial Officers, controllers and business owners, these professionals have a thorough understanding of the issues businesses commonly face and are in a position to provide outstanding service tailored to meet the specific needs of each business client. Our outsourced CFOs oversee all aspects of business operation including cost control, revenue growth, asset preservation, risk management and compliance. In this capacity, they help to ensure the continued growth and profitability of the businesses they serve.

Budgeting and Forecasting

The accountants and bookkeepers at Orange County Bookkeeping are well equipped to provide budgeting and forecasting services that will assist your business in achieving financial success. Our professionals have experience in developing long range financial plans and generating accurate profit and loss projections. We will use our knowledge of current tax law to help you utilize tax incentives and plan capital expenditures in order to minimize tax liabilities and save for planned expenses. Building on the experience of our staff members as CFOs and business owners, we can assist in getting your business on the proper financial track.

Financial Statement Preparation

The accountants and bookkeepers at Orange County Bookkeeping are experienced at preparing financial statements for both internal and external use. With a client base of businesses ranging from small to large in nearly every industry, our staff can meet all of your financial reporting needs. Our services include preparation of Income Statements, Equity Statements, Cash Flow Statements and Statements of Financial Position, among other things. We guarantee that all of our financial statements will accurately represent your company’s financial condition and will conform to all ethical and legal guidelines governing financial reporting.

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