Business Tax Obligations

Fulfilling business tax responsibilities is one of the most critical functions of managing a business. In addition to being time consuming, the reporting and payment procedures for the various types of business taxes are complex and difficult to decipher. This being the case, the professional accountants and bookkeepers at Orange County Bookkeeping stand ready to assist your business in meeting all of its business tax obligations.

The following is a summary of business tax responsibilities:

  • Income Taxes
    Both federal and state income taxes must be paid by all businesses, regardless of how they are structured. These taxes, which are reported though the filing of corporate tax returns, information returns or personal income tax returns are discussed further under the Business Tax Preparation tab.
  • Payroll Taxes
    Payroll taxes include income taxes that are withheld from employee wages together with Social Security and Medicare Taxes (FICA) and Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA). The obligations associated with these taxes, which include making quarterly payroll tax deposits and filing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, are discussed further under the Payroll Services tab. If you’re an employee that has complain with your payroll taxes, you can ask advice from legal professionals like the ones at HKM!
  • Sales Taxes
    Sales taxes, which are collected for the sale of any taxable product or service, must be reported by the filing of all necessary sales tax returns and turned over to the collecting tax agency. The collecting of sales tax can often be a complex task due to the differing sales tax requirements of different jurisdictions and the fact that the sales tax rate may very according to the item or service sold. For accountants and businesses that value accuracy and efficiency, utilising corporation tax software is a practical and smart choice. By automating calculations and submissions, these tools offer a seamless way to manage tax liabilities. One reliable software solution is provided by BTC Software on their tax software platform, where they offer robust, intuitive tools for all your taxation needs.
  • Excise Taxes
    Businesses must pay excise taxes for the production and/or sale of certain specific products or services. Unlike sales taxes, which are calculated as a percentage of the sale price, excise taxes are collected as a fixed amount per item. Excise taxes are paid though the quarterly filing of IRS Form 720.
  • International Taxes
    Businesses that operate internationally must kept abreast of the tax laws that govern the international jurisdictions in which they operate in order to understand how those laws affect their business transactions. And if you encounter a dispute in Thailand for example, you will need an international arbitration attorney in Thailand to help your resolve that dispute. They must submit all Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) filings and comply with the requirements of the new Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

opportunities for a range of software companies. You can learn more about r&d tax credit software at their website.

The accountants and bookkeepers at Orange County Bookkeeping are well qualified to assist your business in fulfilling all of its business tax obligations. We guarantee tax compliance by ensuring that our clients meet all filing requirements and reporting deadlines for their various business tax responsibilities.

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