Making a Bookkeeper a Part of Your Start-Up Team

Building a business is as exciting as it is infuriating. No matter how well prepared you may be, there will always be hurdles and set-backs. Your team is what will help you reach the goals and sights you set for your company, but you can’t dedicate the capital to an employee, so why not hire a professional bookkeeper? Here are five great reasons to hire an experienced bookkeeper:

5. Protecting Your Time

This theme flows through the rest of the list of reasons for a start-up or small business owner to hire a professional bookkeeper, but it’s important enough to lead. Entrepreneurs where dozens of hats, and every opportunity to remove a task or responsibility from one’s head is a welcomed one. Hiring a professional bookkeeper provides the greatest return to an entrepreneur’s delegation of duties. The intricacies and specifics of bookkeeping and financial matters require experience to be truly efficient.


4. Cost Reduction

Like any good investment, the importance shows in the long term. Small business owners looking to maximize their startup capital will see better money management overall with a professional bookkeeper. Bookkeeping can indeed be bootstrapped, but the chances that an entrepreneur will make a mistake is fairly high. Through no fault of their own other than being pulled in the 100’s of directions of starting a company. Re-organizing a company’s books from an untrained system can also take time and man-hours when the company achieves sufficient size to hire a in-house bookkeeper.

3. Paying on Time

There always seem to be additional forms, signatures, or documents needed by the IRS and a start up owner has limited experience in bookkeeping. They may be specialists in their industry but professional bookkeepers are like line cooks in that they know exactly when to bring all the ingredients together to create a dish. Having a professional bookkeeper reminding and assisting you through the the months leading up to tax deadlines will help you ensure everything is completed and done on time.

2. Tax Season

Taxes are complicated, intricate, and can have a large impact on your business’s operations. It’s usually during this time that entrepreneurs add a bookkeeper to their metaphorical toolbox. A bookkeeper can give business owners the time and ability to focus on the things they love about their business all year. A bookkeeper will be able to help you grow and can grow with startups as most bookkeepers have worked with companies of various sizes and structures.




1. Better Perspective on Your Business

Professional bookkeepers work with dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses in a given year, why not use their experience in seeing what has and hasn’t worked for those companies to make yours all-the-better? The entrepreneurs that reach out to mentors and team members with areas of expertise are always those that can utilize this additional knowledge to manage, sustain, and grow their businesses.


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