Focusing on Your Cash Flow

There are few things more important to s small business than a robust cash flow. From wages to adding inventory or keeping your machines running, you can’t do a thing without steady income. It can take only one unlucky deal or a short quarter to run your limited finances off track. In the case that you experience an unfortunate setback in cash flow, here are four methods to get money flowing back to your business.


1. Check In with Accounts Receivable

Having a small business requires relying on others and accepting the unfortunate moments when we can’t control a mistake or situation. Occasionally, one of these situations is having a customer or customers not paying bills in a timely manner. In most cases, these are other small companies running tight ships and have simply forgotten to pay you. Sending a simple reminder is typically enough and is a simple task to add to your or an employee’s week. Increasing efforts in accounts receivable is a simple, straightforward way to re-align your cash flow with your businesses needs. From time to time, you may have to inquire with a professional to solve the solution.

2. Run a Promotion or PR Campaign

Simply bringing more customers to your door can increase your cash flow. By bringing attention to your business, you help to ensure an easier transition from stranger to customer. There are dozens of free marketing channels that can be utilized from Social Media to contacting bloggers and writers in your industry or area. Be aware of your margins, of course. It can be beneficial to break even on a few deals or units to drum up interest, but be careful not to give too large of a discount or give away too much of your product or service. Then one of the best areas by far to buy a business is Florida, and I just love Naples as it’s such a gorgeous area (have a look at to find lots of businesses for sale in Naples).

3. Adjust Your Payment Methods

It’s likely that many of your suppliers or servicers have credit and payment terms that can be extended or provide a discount for early or pre-payments. Immediate cash flow can be increased by extending your terms with your servicers to allow you to purchase more inventory or hire a necessary new employee. If you have enough short-term cash on hand, speak with your provider if they would consider a lower price for payment that exceeds the agreed upon terms. It’s also possible for you to encourage customers to pay more promptly by offering similar discounts.

4. Reimagine Your Asset Ownership

Many companies have outdated or mistakenly purchased equipment sitting around. A quick sale of assets can provide a boost to purchase more inventory or complete a project that has needed an injection of cash. With eBay and similar selling sites, it’s easy and cost-effective to remove equipment for a premium these days. Perhaps you have a specialty piece of equipment that many people need but can’t afford. You can lease time or use of your machinery to others and add a new revenue stream. Precious office or production space can also be leased to others if it isn’t being used.

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