Tax Cuts, the Jobs Act, & Your Small Business

Taxes are always at the top of a small business owner’s mind. The Tax Cuts & new Jobs Act have got many small business owners who offers remote jobs wondering how these new changes will effect their liabilities, benefits, & employees in 2018 & beyond. We’ve compiled a few ways these new systems might impact your business.

1. Requirements for withholding payroll

Have your employees complete new W-4 forms as soon as possible as the new laws are already in effect. The new tax bill has gotten rid of personal exemptions & has raised the standard deduction 2X & these have changed the withholding recommendations. So you may have to adjust the amount of taxes withheld on your employee’s paychecks. If you need more legal and professional information, you can get in touch with experts from National Loans Melbourne.

2. Itemized deductions may be a thing of the past

As mentioned above, the new tax bill has doubled the standard deduction. This means that you may not have to itemize your expenses. Some deductions have changed while others have been made unavailable, so your itemization will be different whether you choose to itemize or not. For some, itemizing may simply no longer benefit you.

3. Changed rates

Certain businesses have had their tax rate change for the year & into the future. C corps will see a considerable drop in corporate tax liability. If you own or operate a LLC, S corp, or sole proprietorship, the drop in corporate taxes will not affect you. However, individual rates have changed. You may see different liabilities in your personal tax return.

4. Deduction of business income

If you receive income through a pass-through entity, such as a sole proprietorship, S corporation or LLC, you may be eligible for a new deduction because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill creates a deduction that allows business owners to deduct 20 percent of their business income, which means your tax liability may be reduced.

5. Changing bonus depreciation

Bonus depreciation allows business owners to deduct a sizable portion of a new asset’s cost in the year it was purchased. Before this tax reform was passed, bonus depreciation was capped at 50 percent. However, the new tax law will allow business owners to deduct 100 percent. This limit increase will remain in place through 2022.

These are only a few of the changes you might notice coming from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Learn more about how these new laws may affect your business by contacting OC Bookkeeping today!

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