Focusing on Your Cash Flow

There are few things more important to s small business than a robust cash flow. From wages to adding inventory or keeping your machines running, you can’t do a thing without steady income. It can take only one unlucky deal or a short quarter to run your limited finances off […]

Making a Bookkeeper a Part of Your Start-Up Team

Building a business is as exciting as it is infuriating. No matter how well prepared you may be, there will always be hurdles and set-backs. Your team is what will help you reach the goals and sights you set for your company, but you can’t dedicate the capital to an […]

Accounting & Bookkeeping Trends in Technology

Bookkeeping and Accounting are nearly as old as trade itself. As trade turned to commerce, structures and methods evolved to better account for a business’s profits and losses. We’ve grown further into technical needs of businesses thanks to larger markets, longer trade routes, and technological disturbances. We’ve compiled a list […]

Tax Reform: Pass-Through’s and The President’s Proposal

Last week’s tax reform proposal from the Trump administration would cut the tax rate for “Pass-Through” businesses to 15% which will create opportunity for savings, and for abuse. Proponents of the plan claim that the reduction in business tax expenses will be followed by those businesses building, growing, and hiring […]

Where We’re Going, Nobody Knows

We’re five weeks into a new administration and looking at the media, it appears no answers will be coming on tax reform. When it comes to finance, planning, and business organization, this has left CEO’s with sleepless nights and wary investors. Looking at the business practices of our President’s previous […]

Managing Multi-State Tax Compliance

Managing Multi-State Tax Compliance Although keeping up with business tax obligations is a complicated task in itself, maintaining tax compliance across state lines is even more difficult. Each state has its own way of taxing business entities that are subject to its jurisdiction and such methods may vary widely. Generally speaking, […]

Trump’s Tax Audits Still in the News

Trump’s Tax Audits Still in the News Donald Trump’s tax returns have apparently been audited every year since 2002 which is not surprising since tax audit data from the Internal Revenue Service indicates that larger and more complex tax returns are much more likely to be selected for examination than […]

Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Some Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund Now that tax season is over and you have your tax refund check, how are you going to use it? Although there may be a number of things you have been wanting to purchase, it might be a good idea to invest […]

April 18, 2016 – Tax Day!!!!

Today is April 18, 2016 and it is Tax Day!!!! Today is the federal income tax deadline day. The last day to file income state taxes. If your business is seeking an outsourced bookkeeping solution, the experienced professionals at Orange County Bookkeeping can provide you with the expertise you are […]

Tax Deductions for You!

Tax Deductions for You!               We have complied a list of the top tax deductions for the current tax season. Most of these tax deductions are items that taxpayers encounter frequently. Keep in mind, however, that this is a small list of the most […]